Monsoon’s here, it’s going to be raining soon, the cool wind would blow, it’ll take away the humidity and the hotness, and this was the thought on every Pakistani’s mind. Being an agricultural country the poor farmer had the rice seed sowed in the fields, waiting for the blessed rains to come and drench it in water.

The rain started and went on, it’s good to be raining for so long the farmer would have thought, but the rain didn’t stop for days. Pakistan Meteorological Department said that over 200 mm (7.88 inches) of rain fell over a 24-hour period over a number of places of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab and more was expected.The rain continued, the canals could not hold the increasing amount of water. Poorly made embankments gave up and the water made its way through and over them.

Pakistan being an underdeveloped country has not got a lot of dams or many storage places, in case of an excess of rain the poor villagers have to face the consequences. Their homes made out of bricks and mud cannot hold out water for long. The flood was eminent and there seemed no way out of it, they had to move, save their lives at the most, but these poor people cared for something more then their lives. Yes, they were worried about the animals, the animals that have been there along them through thick and thin. The animals included cows, goats, sheep, hen, these are the sources that the low class in Pakistan lives on, they don’t need money in cash, these animals are like their fixed deposits. Whenever there is the need of money for a wedding or a medical expenditure they sell out one of their animals and meet the requirements. As the animals reproduce thus the number increases with time. This class grows its own food or exchange among themselves for variety.

Manuel Bessler, head of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, on 30th july, stated that 36 districts were involved, and 950,000 people were affected, although within a day, reports increased the number to as high as a million, and by mid-August to nearly 20 million affected.

The people were out of their homes, moving in search of a safer place. The open sky above and the endless land below, but they had nowhere to go. Hunger, another problem, couldn’t bring anything along. These people had no time to pack food or any other necessities.

Doctors say that malaria, diarrhoea, gastroenteritis and skin diseases are growing threats.

Fear ran through millions of abandoned victims of flood, as diseases broke out among them. Many were already suffering from gastroenteritis and diarrhea due to lack of clean drinking water and sanitation. These become the cause of deaths of many.
The affected have lost a lot, their land, homes and dear ones. They are in need. The Flood victims still await the help and aid. Every effort matters please help in every way you can. The disaster ends but the effects remain.

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Flood Disaster in Pakistan

As Pakistan battles an unprecedented catastrophe, funds are desperately needed 
to help deliver food aid and medical services to save further loss of life.The Flood victims still await the help and aid.
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